Masjid Bukhari~ South C

Masjid Bukhari_WEB_15
Masjid Bukhari.


بسم الله‎ The mosque sits in a neighborhood of South C. What adds even more to the beauty of this mosque is that it neighbors in peace the Conventual Franciscan Friars Parish.


Masjid Bukhari_MINBAR WEB_12
MAsjid Bukhari~ Minbar from the Ladies Section of the mosque
Masjid Bukhari_Madrasah B&W_1
Masjid Bukhari~ Weekend Madrasah
Masjid Bukhari_Ladies Section_WEB_9
Masjid Bukhari. Ladies Section


Masjid Bukhari_WEB_8
Masjid Bukhari


Masjid Bukhari_USTAD BW WEB_14
MAsjid Bukhari~ Ustad Mohamad Madrassa teacher
Masjid Bukhari_99_10
Masjid Bukhari.


Masjid Bukhari_Dua Leaving Mosque_WEB_7
Masjid Bukhari~ Dua/ Prayer on leaving the mosque



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